SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus):

Dear Client….COVID-19 (coronavirus) is the name of a recent emerging disease caused by contraction of the virus called SARS-CoV-2.  We want you to know that we fully understand its implications and inform you of how we’re keeping our team and clients here at Complete Beauty healthy and safe. In the daily running of our salon and skin clinic, we use an industry recognised disinfectant called ‘Barbicide’ which contains ‘Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride’ in a concentration of 5.12% by volume. This is an active ingredient known to be effective against coronaviruses in concentrations above 0.05%. Barbicide is therefore over 100 times stronger than that of +0.05% recommended by the American Centre for Disease Control (CDC)

The CDC suggested protocols for addressing this virus are identical to those for reducing the spread of common cold and flu. We are therefore intensifying our efforts around the best practices for this virus prevention.

•  Ensure that thorough handwashing etiquette is regular and enforced using antibacterial handwash. 

• In addition to our regular daily maintenance, throughout the day we thoroughly clean and disinfect all shared hard surfaces that may come into contact with clients and staff such as doors, door knobs, salon furniture, bathroom fixtures etc. Between clients we will closely and strictly monitor the sterilisation of all machinery, equipment and utensils.

• If a staff member has any symptoms whatsoever attributed to those associated with a flu like illness at work, we will send them home immediately and ensure that they attend screening for COVID-19.

• We undertake to adhere to any and all health service recommendations, and we will temporarily close our business for the time periods suggested by the appropriate medical advisory boards should it become necessary to do so.

Here’s how you can help:
We request that any client who feels they are potentially sick with cough, cold, temperature, or flu symptoms to call 096 70487 to reschedule their appointment to a date at least two weeks from the cancelled appointment. This will ensure that you have exceeded the advised incubation period and therefore eliminate the transfer of the virus should you have contracted it initially.

Safety is always our number one priority. These steps, along with your personal cautiousness, will help us here at Complete Beauty play our part in keeping our staff, clients and community safe and healthy. 

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